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Japanese PM Shinzo Abe has declared his resignation amid poor health

TOKYO: On Friday 28th August 2020, Shinzo Abe the Japanese Prime Minister stated that he has decided to step down from the PM-ship due to his insufferable illness.

After weeks of observation and discussion about his health and two major visits to the hospital, Shinzo has taken this decision for the betterment of his health. He has just set the record as the longest-serving leader of the country.

Shinzo Abe has declared this in a news conference saying that he has been in a severe struggle in terms of his health which has began to collapse since July and he is now fully ready to step down from the leadership of Japan, the third largest economy of the world. Adding he’ll resign as soon as the party selects a successor.

Abe further said that he doesn’t want his poor health to affect the decisions of the country. He also added that he is no longer eligible to fulfill the mandate of the Japanese people that’s why he shouldn’t be designated as PM anymore.

This has happened before in 2007, when Abe stepped down as Prime minister because of his severe chronic ulcerative colitis. After that his condition was controlled through medication and was return to lead Japan in 2012. However, his condition has gone worse again and he needs better monitoring and treatment.

Shinzo has raised the prominent image of Japan around the world at the time when almost no one could name it’s prime minister. He has observed the era of relative stability in a nation which was under attack by the frequency of change in leadership.

He has also been successful in maintaining strong relations with the United States when the president Donald Trump was targeting his own allies.

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