Dr. Maha Ali found committed suicide in Karachi

Karachi: A 25-year-old lady doctor, Dr. Maha Ali, committed suicide in Karachi on Wednesday.

Dr Maha Ali was taken to the hospital after she was injured due to the firing incident at her home – House No 34/2, DHA Phase 4.

The police informed that the family members of Dr. Maha Ali claimed that she committed suicide in her washroom on the first floor of the house. But the wound caused by that bullet fired from pistol was on the backside of Dr.Maha’s head where as most people committing suicide usually place pistol either on their temple or forehead.

Police informed that the case was baing investigated by them with different angles thoroughly and added that the pistol and an empty cartridge was taken from the scene as evidence while trying to find out the owner of the weapon.

Meanwhile, the hospital administration informed that she was admitted in a critical condition as her brain cells got damaged.

The police informed that she was associated with the South City Hospital and her was rented by her father just 15 days ago.

Dr. Maha Ali’s parents have refused to proceed with any probe into the death of their daughter. It has also been reported that Dr Maha Ali has been in depression for last one month as her parents were divorced and married again.

Her body after medico-legal formalities was sent to her ancestral home in Mirpurkhas for burial.

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