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India became the third-largest COVID infected country, with 50K deaths so far

NEW DELHI: On Monday 17th August 2020, coronavirus death toll in India reaches 50,000 with increasing fatilities at an average of 900 in the last 24 hours.

Last week, India has overtaken the UK becoming the fourth-highest in the world having increasing number of deaths. The country has now under Brazil, Mexico, and the US recording 2.6 million infections.

However, today the country became the third-most infection country after Brazil and the US.

According to the Indian ministry of health, since the pandemic has started in the country, it has taken its death toll to 50,921 at an increase of 941 deaths every day.

India is the second-most populated countries in the world with some biggest cities and largest slums.

However, the medical expert in the country say that the real number of infected people are much higher because of low-level of testing. Due to the under-funded health care system of the country, deaths aren’t often recorded.

The minister of health in India, despite of the increasing death rate tweeted that the fatilities in India was one of the lowest worldwide, below two percent.

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