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UAE accepted the Israel creating many reservations among Muslims around the globe

ABU DHABI: On Friday 14th August 2020, UAE became the third Arab country and first Gulf Arab state to recognize Israel as a state after Egypt and Jordan.

Israel has been an occupied version of the world’s renowned country Palestine where thousands of innocent Muslims are killed every day. Because of this kind of state behavior 25 countries from all over the world don’t recognize Israel including Pakistan, Turkey, Afghanistan, Iran, Bangladesh, Indonesia, etc.

Despite of the brutal background of Israel, UAE decided to have complete diplomatic relations with Israel. According to Palestine, this deal is clearly the act of treason by Abu Dhabi and all the Muslim countries should condemn and oppose the act.

This historical agreement between both the countries are the successful outcome of the US foreign policy presented by President Donald Trump. He has reflected these changes in the Middle East predicting that the rival country Iran has taken the utmost support from Arab countries for Palestine. US president has also foretold that many other countries within the region will follow the lead of Abu Dhabi.

Many countries including Pakistan, Iran, and Turkey have shown immediate oppression against the decision made by UAE government.

Turkish president Tayyip Erdogan made a statement for demoting the relationship with the UAE and have considered calling back the Turkish ambassador from the state.

Iran’s Minister of foreign affairs criticized this deal calling it a dagger that was cruelly and unjustifiably stabbed in the backs of all the Muslims especially Palestinians by the United Arab Emirates.

However, Pakistan hasn’t yet given a clear stance over the matter with it’s misagreements with Saudis. The foreign minister decided not to comment on this sensitive matter until discussed by the governing members.

Iran is considered as the regional nemesis by the UAE, Israel, and other Gulf states. Turkey once had very positive relationships with Israel. However, since President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has taken charge he has positioned his country as a supporting member of Palestinians.

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