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Bilal Saeed and Saba Qamar break their silence on “Qubool’s” controversial music video

LAHORE: On Saturday 8th August 2020, a song shoot held starring Pakistan’s renowned singer Bilal Saeed and multinational-famed actress Saba Qamar Zaman naming “Qubool” faced high criticism on different social platforms for disrupting the sanctity of the historic and legendary Wazir Khan mosque situated in Lahore.

Recently, the singer published a video on a social media platform Instagram with caption of a joint statement of Bilal and Saba, clarifying the false accusations of the fans. The video was the teaser of the upcoming music video, showing no music within the mosque’s premises.

Bilal Saeed stated that the sequence caught by the people is the only one shot on the historical Wazir Khan mosque. It is a kind of prologue to the video representing a Nikkah scene.

The singer also urged his fellow citizens to first watch the video before reaching to a decision or accusation. He emphasize that both of them have the same respect and love for Islam as the other Muslims and they could certainly not think of disrespecting or disrupting its sanctity.

He also commented on the controversies emerged on social media about music playing inside the mosque, saying that the scene was nor shot with any type of playback music neither it was edited later in the soundtrack. Even the mosque administration was present at the shoot. They have also witnessed the absence of music during the shoot.

However, both Bilal and Saba realized that they have unconsciously hurt the sentiments of their people. Thus, they pay their sincere apologies to the people with all their heart.

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