Stop discussing judges’ personal lives on social media: Supreme Court

The Supreme Court has taken notice of social media and YouTube being used as a medium to spread objectionable content.

It took notice on Wednesday while hearing a bail petition filed by Shaukat Ali, a man accused of a sectarian-based crime.

We have no issue with freedom of expression, said Justice Qazi Amin. We are paid by the public’s money, he said, adding that the public has the right to discuss judges’ actions and verdicts.

But the Constitution doesn’t give people the right to discuss our private lives, he said. “Have the PTA or FIA seen what is going on on YouTube?” They don’t even spare our families on YouTube or social media, said Justice Amin.

Some sits and acts like our uncles on YouTube, he said, adding that judges are being humiliated.

Yesterday we gave a verdict and then it began on YouTube, he said. We are being patient but this has to end, said the judge.

A PTA official said they cannot remove individual content, they can only report it.

In some countries, YouTube has been blocked, noted Justice Mushir Alam. Try posting things against the European Union or the US, he said.

How many people have been prosecuted for such crimes, asked Justice Amin.

The court issued notices to the Foreign Office and attorney-general. Justice Amin said people were incited against the military, judiciary and government on social media.

In some countries, social media is regulated according to local laws, said Justice Alam.

The case was adjourned till after Eid.

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