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Uzma Khan Demands Action Against Malik Riaz’s Family For Allegedly Torturing Her

The actress has confirmed that it is Malik Riaz’s family which trespassed on her house along with the guards, used abusive language, subjected her to torture and accused her of extra marital relations with Usman—said to be son-in-law of Real Estate Tycoon Malik Riaz.

A video involving actress Uzma Khan and his sister Huma Khan went viral on Twitter, Facebook and Whatsapp in which the actress was pleading for mercy and pardon from an angry woman who was using abusive language against them allegedly for having extra martial relations with a man namely Usman.

Actress Uzma Khan has confirmed that it was Malik Riaz’s family which stormed into her house, used abusive language and accused her of extra martial relations with Usman. Usman is said to be the son-in-law of Real Estate business Tycoon Malik Riaz.

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