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How Much Afghanistan bear this Blood Bath, Kabul Maternity Hospital Attack

Afghanistan, a war torn country and a victim of brutal terrorist’s attacks is a gateway of
connecting South Asia and Central Asia. For past four decades, foreign forces invaded the
country in the name of protection of innocent civilians against insurgent groups. First Soviet
Union in 1979 indulged itself in Afghan affairs to protect the communist government; but after
the emergence of Taliban and their Guerrilla tactics, there withdraw was inevitable. After their
withdrawal from Afghanistan, 9/11 incident attracted another foreign power to grab the country
from their fangs. The Afghan soil in the name of protecting the US interests and a vengeance
time of the innocent US citizens killed in 9/11 incident, since their arrival along with NATO
forces, Afghanistan is bleeding consistently every day. On 13 May 2020, in the holy month of
Ramadan another brutal and appalled attack by the enemies of peace has deteriorated the peace building efforts in the country. The attack on the Dasht-e-Barchi hospital Kabul killed 24 people
including mothers and their infant-injured dozens more. The outbreak of Corona virus in the
country has already alarmed the overwhelmed conditions of the health facilities.

The sheer brutality of the attack shocked Afghans who had been expecting a reduction in
violence during the sacred month of Ramadan, and owing to a deal signed between the U.S. and
the Taliban in a bid to end the 19-year-long conflict. The Taliban spokesmen denied their
involvement in this attack but President Ashraf Ghani ordered its forces to offensive operations
against all insurgent groups include Taliban as well. But the point is Taliban and the US military
and administration has signed a peace deal in Doha, Qatar so why would they (Taliban)
deteriorate the deal by themselves?

If we go two years back on 3 April 2018, Afghan Air force launched airstrike on a Madrassa in
kuduz province North West in which students’ mostly children were gathered at a religious
school graduation ceremony. More than 70 people were killed including 51 children and many
were injured. The afghan government accused the site as a Taliban training center however after
this incident, President Ghani apologised on national level, but is it the end of the crime, crimes
against different ethnic groups including Pashtoons in this turmoil in the country?
Apology is not the answer; regime should act as a condescending body rather than killing people
on the ethnic bases or deprive them on their grim surrounds. President Ghani should negotiate
with Taliban and also need to sit with those who are still blowing the fire of unrest. Taliban as a
stakeholder should come up on the front and try to help the government to deal with insurgents
who wants to play with the lives of Afghans.

Negotiations are the only solution. Incitement of sentiments on ethnic bases would be a
catastrophe for the whole society which could diffuse as a civil war in the state. The fate of the
Afghan people is in the hands of Afghan government and Taliban because keeping peace deal
with the US at Doha, Qatar and the trust efficacy can soar up the level of peace as a long term
peace. The afghan government should let the peace prevail policy with its neighbouring countries
and in the mean times share the intelligence. The peace through which Afghanistan not only
serve a broad relations with Pakistan but can be source of tractions of investment and create jobs
and opportunities for its citizens. as the circumstances after signing of peace deal are spiraling
out of control to derail the agreement; now it’s up to the public whether they sit tight and keep
the status quo or compel the government to look after the interests of its citizens because it’s the
time, let everyone swim in the blue ocean, come out of the red ocean.

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