PM Imran says will need more doctors if coronavirus cases further exceed

Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Wednesday that the country will need more doctors if the coronavirus cases exceed further in the future, lamenting that the doctor-to-patient ratio in Pakistan is quite low as compared to other countries.

The prime minister made the statement after the inauguration of the telehealth portal today, which will help people with medical emergencies.

In his address, the premier said that more than a million people have registered for the Corona Relief Tiger Force.

The PM also urged health workers to register themselves with the volunteer force. “Even after the coronavirus pandemic passes, we will need this force to go to far-flung areas in Pakistan.”

The prime minister said that through technology, the government can disseminate information to the far-flung areas and deal with their issues.

PM Imran praised the telehealth initiative, saying that the health sector is facing huge challenges.

He reiterated that this year, the country will have to battle against the virus.

“Until there is a vaccine made, we will have to put up with this virus,” cautioned the prime minister.

Centre’s telehealth portal free for all: Tania Aidrus

Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Digital Pakistan Tania Aidrus said the federal government’s telehealth portal was available to people across Pakistan.

“The service is available to all the Pakistanis. I am proud to announce that Pakistan is the first nation that is providing such a service for free,” Aidrus said while briefing about the initiative to Prime Minister Imran Khan.

The special assistant urged doctors to sign up for the service so that they could help the people.

COVID-19 has opened new ventures for healthcare: Dr Zafar Mirza

Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Health Dr Zafar Mirza said coronavirus has opened new ventures for healthcare and telehealth is one of them.

“The use of this [telehealth] service during the pandemic has increase. Pakistanis who think they have symptoms of coronavirus can just pick up their phone and connect with the doctors,” Mirza said.

“I urge all the female doctors who were unable to continue their practice to avail this service and help the people. Telehealth is here to stay and it will be able to help people even in far-flung areas,” Mirza said.

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