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Is Global North going to war against China (United against Sino Civilisation)

The 21st century is witnessed of a worst pandemic. More than 250,000 people have died of Corona virus and more than 32 million people are suffering illness due to COVID-19. Europe and the United States of America are the most badly hit continents due to Corona Virus. All around the globe the tally of cases suffering from the disease are surging day by day and no corner of the planet is safe now.

Everywhere around, governments have imposed lockdowns to curb the pandemic. The global economy is suffering down the drain. Businesses are crashed and stock markets are shattering. Developing countries, due to lack of facilities and fragile economic situations will be the most sufferers in future.

Amid pandemic, many hypothesis and theories are being formulating nearly every day. Some hypothesis and theories are indicating about a new world order and the collapse of present economic system, some rumors are frying the minds of people that someone has created the virus to control health policy globally and economic system. But these are just the rumors or we can say observations which have the element of might. Although the element of skepticism in increasing among some countries related to the creation of virus in a lab, first the United States accused China of spreading the disease by pointing out Wuhan’s animal market. China responded and started blaming US of sending their military athletes during an event of military games held in China. However, in new allegations, the US administration is confident at saying that China has created the virus In the light of knowing results about its outbreak. In fact Trump warned China of serious consequences.

Now in the shadow of the US, German Chancellor Angela Markel, accused China with same thoughts about the virus that it was created in a lab for a specific purpose and released in order to order to disturb global Status quo. In the West, now leaders want to incite the nostalgia related phenomena and the phenomena are same as it was created as Islamophobia (which is still present). As Huntington described in his thesis about Clash of Civilisations that west would indulge itself in a war against Sino-Islamic civilisation, which is what west wants to create a perception about China to curb the economic control which is a dream of China in terms of engaging its territory through introducing New Silk Roads and economic Corridor projects beyond Asia.

According to my observations, West now needs a strong blaming base to change the perceptions of those countries that have soft hearts towards China. Just like they had done in the past after the integration of USSR and adoption of Islamophobia policy to remain invincible in order to protect their interests in the regions, now they want to realize the world that Chinese are culprits, they are the one who led the in a deteriorated situation. The globe should restrict them in their slums in order towards peace and hygienic in future. That’s what Global North wants to adopt the rest of the world against China.

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