Global Coronavirus Outbreak: America becomes the highest infected country surpassing China and Italy

The United States of America surpasses China as well as Italy as it has the highest number of people infected by coronavirus.

There are atleast 5 Lakh 31 thousand people infected by coronavirus. Whereas, the death toll is more than 24 thousand around the globe. Atleast 1 lakh 22 thousand people have recovered from this virus.

The most number of deaths due to coronavirus have been recorded in Italy, where the death toll passes 8215. The number of Coronavirus infected people passes 68 thousand in America.

As of March 26th, more than 1,000 people have died in the United States of America, and the spread of the virus continues to accelerate across the country.

One fourth of the world is under lockdown due to which there is a sharp decline in the economy of many countries. All stores have been closed except the ones with basic necessities.

More than half of the US cases have been reported in the New York where exhausted hospital workers are turning to increasingly desperate measures in order to combat the coronavirus.

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