Coronavirus outbreak: Saudi government stopped Pakistan to make Hajj agreement 2020

ISLAMABAD: On Thursday 26 March 2020, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has stopped the hajj agreement to be taken place for the year 2020 between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia amid Coronavirus pandemic.

It was confirmed by the Saudi government that Hajj is definitely going to take place and all the Muslims from all over the world will be allowed to perform it. However, the government has refused several affected countries for the agreement.

A circular has been sent by the Saudi Ministry of Hajj to the Ministry of Religious Affairs Pakistan saying that due to Coronavirus the government will not sign any agreement with Pakistan. It was also said that the Saudi government has closely observed the situation amid coronavirus and will inform as per the situation in the country. 

Earlier it was stated by the Minister of Religious Affairs Peer Noor ul Haq Qadri that every misinformation being spread regarding not performing Hajj this year, have no truth in it.

The Saudi government will take this kind of notice of not performing Hajj after discussing the matter with the Muslim world. However, the Ministry of Hajj has currently suspended the Hotel, Transport and Building agreement.

Hajj Minister has also mentioned that it is quite possible that the situation will be better when the time of Hajj will come, so we have to stay positive.

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