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Famous comedian Umer Sharif’s daughter passed away due to the major irresponsibility of doctors

One of the most popular actors and comedians, Umer Sharif, is famous not only in Pakistan but has hundreds of fans across the borders too. His daughter passed away due to the irresponsibility of doctors during kidney surgery. 

Hira Umer was said to be under treatment in a private hospital at Azaad Kashmir, and after the surgery, her health condition became critical; however, they have given approximately 34,00,000 for operation.

According to the sources, Hira Umer has undergone illegal kidney surgery in a private hospital from the infamy Doctor Fawad Mumtaz but was a major fail. After her condition became severe, she was shifted to one of Lahore’s private hospital. However, her condition went worse. She was in this severe kidney disease for seven years and was under dialysis treatment since her kidney was of no use.

According to the family member, Hira has been under treatment in Azaad Kashmir for three weeks and was brought to Lahore 5 days before her situation went wrong.

Hira’s brother, Jawad Umer, has given an application against Dr. Fawad Mumtaz to the Human Organ Transplant Authority. The base of the form was that his sister was undergoing dialysis treatment with him since 2017.

It has also been stated that Dr. Fawad Mumtaz has reached us through an agent, and due to his major irresponsibility, Hira passed away.

According to the doctors in Lahore, Hira’s condition was severe when she was brought to them.

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