Prime Minister Imran Khan address the two-day Afghan Refugee conference in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: On Monday 17 February 2020, Imran Khan, the Prime Minister reaffirmed that peace in Afghanistan is Pakistan’s major priority, as it has been under the attack of terrorism for a long time and our interest is in no way the instability in the war-torn country.

A two-day international conference begun today in Islamabad, named “40 years of Afghan Refugee presence in Pakistan: A New Partnership for Solidarity” and PM Imran Khan addressed to the conference.

In his speech, PM discussed the recently held peace-talk in Doha, between the Afghan Taliban and the United States saying that people of Afghanistan have experienced suffering more than any nation, under attack and we pray that those peace talks will lead to success.

He also said that regarding the matters related to Afghanistan, the entire country’s thinking is the same. Adding that the security forces and government were previously not thinking alike but now they are all on the same page.

PM further pointed out that our country didn’t seek peace in Afghanistan because of it’s 1.4 million refugees but because the Afghanis deserve peace.

Adding that despite many challenges Pakistan has managed to keep an excellent relationship with Afghan refugees. Even after the worst economic condition, the relationship is remarkable. 

He also highlighted that no place was safe in Pakistan, and there is a possibility that camps were in operation after the 9/11 refugee camps. But even the government couldn’t do anything as it was incapable of checking how militants operate from the camps. It was barely even possible as the camps have more than 100,00 people.

PM Imran told the audience that Pakistan wants to make areas of Durand line prospers and seeks peace in Afghanistan for humanitarian reasons. Pakistan has done everything to facilitate the peace process held in Afghanistan.

Antonio Guterres, United Nations Secretary-General addressed to the conference earlier saying that for 40 years, people of Pakistan showed their generosity by hosting the Afghan refugees.

He stated that “Even though the major conflict has erupted in some other part of the world; Pakistan is still the second-largest refugee host. I am struck by the extraordinary solidarity and compassion.” Adding that the UN is proud of Pakistan for serving these refugees. 

He also praised the government saying that the global community should learn and step up.

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