Government sealed Laal Masjid, giving a-day deadline to Maulana Abdul Azeez

ISLAMABAD: On Thursday 13 February 2020, Laal Masjid has been sealed by the security forces as Maulana Abdul Azeez has once again illegally captured the mosque. Additionally giving a deadline to leave the place till tomorrow evening.

In response to the action taken by the forces, Maulana Abdul Azeez and his nephew Abdul Rasheed Ghazi refused the order given by the agencies saying they won’t leave the mosque. 

According to the sources, once again Maulana Abdul Azeez and his family have arrogated the mosque. The situation became critical when Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) management have released a notification for appointing an Imaam for the mosque, and observing the delay Maulana Abdul Azeez arrogated the mosque and has reportedly been living there for two weeks.

Maulana Abdul Azeez stated that the government has failed to implement shariah law in this country. They have given us threats to start an operation against us if we won’t leave the mosque. Not only that, because of them we are running out of provisions but our ambitions are firm.

Also, a case has been filed against former sermonizer of Laal Masjid Maulana Abdul Azeez’s wife Umme Hassan, who is a principal in Jamia Hafsa. The FIR has been registered in Abyara in the supervision of Martyr Foundation Hafiz Ehtasham.

It was stated in the FIR that Umme Hassan has threatened to kill the spokesperson of Martyr Foundation and management of Federal Capital, standing in front of mosque.

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