Ziauddin hospital refused to release body of girl, demanded 6 lacs rupees

Ziauddin hospital refused to release body of girl, demanded 6 lacks rupees hospital in Karachi have gone too far in oppression. A man came forward to cover the news and stated that a girl was admitted in the hospital for 10 days.

After being admitted for ten days, she died. When it came to release her body, the hospital demanded the bill of 6 lacks from her parents for releasing her body.

The man said that, “The father of the girl have requested an NGO and somehow they submitted 3 lacks rupees.” The hospital refused to give the body to the parents until two more lacks are submitted.

The man himself talked to the hospital staff and said that the girl’s father is a poor man and cannot pay that much bill even in six months. The staff responded that, “we will give the body after 6 months then.”

An NGO arranged the donor who is willing to give money and then the body if the girl was released.

The man said in the video that, “All I want to say that this is insult and injustice. There is no space in government hospitals and private hospitals demands money before releasing the body.”

Another man in the video said that, the girl was admitted in government hospital for 15 days first where her condition was getting worse. There were 5 to 6 children using a single bed in ICU.

He added that, “Because there was no space, the parents shifted her in private hospital.”

The man said that, “I came here with the check to help them but fortunately the money has been arranged. I said to the hospital that the father repairs stoves, how can he arrange that much money, but they were shameless people”.

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