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Coronavirus: Death toll increases upto 900 with more than 40000 cases reported in China

BEIJING: On Monday 10th February, according to the latest survey the death toll from the deadly coronavirus has crossed nine hundred people after it reaches the province of Hubei province which wasn’t even considered to be affected by it, confirmed 100 new casualties.

China’s commission of national health has reported the virus has affected 40,171 people across the country, targeted more than 3000 new cases.

The health commission of the province of Hubei in its latest update informed the addition of 2,618 cases at the central province, Wuhan from which the virus appeared in December, saying that 100 new casualties have been confirmed due to this virus in the province, taking the toll to 908 people across the country.

Coronavirus was said to have originated in 2019, due to wild animals in the provincial capital Wuhan, and then spread nationwide and in many countries around the globe.

The health organization affiliated by UN, The World Health Organisation (WHO) stated that the cases being reported in China was in control, however, it warned that it wasn’t the right to declare if the virus was on its peak.

The WHO team sent to China left on Sunday after their detailed survey confirming the only casualty outside the country in the Philippines and in Hongkong, which overtaken the toll caused by the deadly SARS virus which spread from 2002 to 2003 killing 774 people.

The virus has resulted in the lockdown in Hubei creating anger among the people especially after a doctor was affected who revealed the cause of the virus.

After the extended Lunar New Year holiday, the country has still not been able to run properly as many cities have been lockdown including Shanghai, the financial hub, which has ordered citizen to wear mask.

A woman told the media that “The local government asked people to stay at home as much as possible, but there are not enough goods in shops each time we get there, so we have to go out frequently.”

It is said that from Monday central bank of China will work to make 300 billion yuan ($43 billion) available as special loans to help fight the virus.

Many students studying in China are in anger demanding freedom in social media after the death of the doctor.

Many countries have banned arrivals of flight from China including UK, US, Germany etc.

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