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Humayun Saeed been summoned by SHC over an exasperating dialogue in Mere Paas Tum Ho

KARACHI: On Thursday 30th January 2020, Sindh High Court summons Humayun Saeed, the lead actor of the most popular drama “Mere Paas Tum Ho” because of the offensive dialogues delivered by him during the drama written by famous writer Khalil ur Rehman Qamar.

Sana Saleem, a local woman registered her petition based on the problems that the script focused on majorly about women and demanded an apology by the writer, actor, and producer of the drama.

Sana also highlighted the negative aspect of the drama in which it was showing a bad image of the city particularly a couple living without marriage, the most well-received dialogue “Do Takkay Ki Aurat” and a six-year-old son setting up his school teacher with his father. 

On behalf of ARY and PEMRA, their lawyers were presented before the court and answered all the questions. The court asked if there was a system through in-house censors for monitoring the drama before allowing it to go on-air. The lawyer from PEMRA answered that a separate platform has been assigned for this matter including the policy of analyzing the visual and language to be shown in drama and if they are up to the moral aspects of our society.

The lawyer from Sana Saleem’s side told the court that they have come to court so that a proper direction should be given to PEMRA in regard of the matter pertaining to airing of the dramas disrupting the values of our society. The court responded that if any sort of offensive aspect or disregard of moral code will be seen in any of the dialogues then we will not only give them direction but a major action will also be taken.

The actor who delivered the objectionable dialogue, Humayun Saeed was also summoned by the court and the court directed the federal government, PEMRA and the opposing side to submit their statements, as the court has been adjourned till 13th February

However, it should be vivid that this wasn’t the only time someone has filed a petition on the dialogues, plot and the idea of Mere Paas Tum Ho as in Lahore’s civil court a woman named Maham Chaudhry filed a petition to impede the airing on the last episode of the drama. 

She filed the petition based on the dialogues and plot insulting women, and showing that they have no worth in this society, also no sort of benefit has been got to the Pakistani women by this drama. But her petition was rejected by the judge of civil court, Naila Ayub.

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