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Plane crashed down in Afghanistan, 83 people were on board

On Monday, it has been said by the officials that a plane was crashed in Ghazni- the eastern province of Afghanistan. However, it was not yet cleared the number of people presented in that plane or whether it was a passenger or military jet.

The spokesperson of governors of Ghazni named Aref Noori told the AFP that, a plane was crashed around 1:10 pm (0840 GMT) in Deh Yak district of Ghazni province. The fire was all over the plane and the villagers were trying to put it out. It is not confirmed yet that whether it was a military plane or commercial plane.

The crash was also confirmed by the police spokesperson but again the craft was unable to be identified.

On the other hand, it was reported by the local media that there were 83 people on board when the plane went down.

It was reported that the unfortunate plane was earlier belonged to Ariana Airlines, but the company have not accepted this.

International media stated to an official for the airline by saying that, “Ariana planes that have left, have not crashed and they have reached at their destination.”

In Afghanistan, those crashes that involve military flights are common especially helicopters, where harsh climate and creaky airplane are frequently squeezed as far as possible the war-torn nation where extremists have been known to target helicopters.

In May 2010, the last civilian flight was crashed,  when, due to a bad weather, a maturing Pamir Airways plane went down during a scheduled flight  to Kabul from the northern area of Kunduz

While it crashed into a mountainside, which was 12 miles (20 kilometres) from Kabul, it was carrying six crew and 38 passengers.

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