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Khalil ur Rehman Qamar thrashes Feminism in an interview

KARACHI: In an interview to a local news channel Khalil ur Rahman thrashed the Feminism culture and talked about the rights of men and their contribution to our society.

Khalil ur Rahman Qamar is one of the most renowned writers of Pakistan as he has given many blockbuster drama to our drama industry including his love life story “Sadqay Tumhare” and the most-viewed drama of this year “Mere Paas Tum Ho”.

Talking in an interview, when anchor Fiza Ali asked about the concept of the drama Mere Pas Tum ho he said eight years ago he came to know that there is a thing called feminism.  He said he later came to know that it was catastrophic for our society. There are a bunch of people who are causing disruption in society and want to capture it through their eternal motives. We have our values and norms religiously and socially. 

He bashed the famous tagline of the feminists “My body my rules” saying that we won’t let those feminists destroy our norms. These women should be sent back to the stone age where they were treated like slaves and were being traded among the men.

He defend men saying that every drama is showing men “The Villian” who is beating his women, is he mad? In reality, men are being suppressed. As the only happiness was celebrated when he was born.

After then he is forced to obey women without giving any choice. Since the day he is born, everybody told him to respect his mother, getting a little older he is struggling, working society tells him to give all the salary to your mother, who is she? a woman! After then he is bound to get his sisters married, who are they? women!. 

After then he gets married he works for her wife, who is she? a woman! And when his daughter is born he thinks only about her wellbeing, who is she? A woman! 

He raised a question that what more should a man give to the society or to women!

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