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Jibran makes excellent biryani: says Mansha Pasha

Pakistan’s new favourite couple, Mansha Pasha and Jibran Nasir are all the rage these days but as they kept their relationship away from the limelight for an extensive period, there is little the world knows about the two.

Changing all of that, the 32-year-old rolled out 2019 by doing a question and answers session with her fans on Instagram and before she knew it, all of our queries about her freshly-made-official relationship were out in the open, getting addressed.

While we all had wondered how Jibran and Mansha first met, the Laal Kabootar actor appeared to be a little shy telling their story as she redirected the question to her beau saying: “Haha he tells this story better than me,” adding a ‘feeling shy’ sticker along with it.

Apart from that, another question was answered that had been hovering over the minds of all their fans since the two got engaged: When are they getting married?

Mansha answered that a date has not yet been settled yet as “everyone needs to figure out their schedules.”

Publically confessing her love for her fiancé, Mansha answered how much she “loves Jibran”, by saying: “Very much! He’s quite wonderful.”

Moreover, while we already had some idea that the acclaimed lawyer hides his hilarious side behind the headstrong and resolute nature we see on his social media, Mansha confirmed the conjecture saying he is “quite funny and cheeky when he is the mood.”

She also revealed that while the world knows him to have a knack for several things professionally, what they didn’t know was that he makes “excellent biryani.”

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The duo was speculated to be together since a while but had confirmed their relationship by going public with their engagement ceremony held on December 22, 2019.

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