Sheikh Rasheed’s video with Hareem Shah went viral

LAHORE: Many different videos featuring the Federal Minister for Railways Sheikh Rasheed with Hareem Shah and Sundal Khatak doing live calls and chit-chats went viral on social media on Thursday.

Federal Minister for Railways Sheikh Rasheed is considered as a mouth-peace of “power corridors” and he was seen enjoying “video-chat” with Hareem Shah, a girl known for her “naughty TikToks”. Hareem Shah was on live-call with Sheikh Rasheed apparently and she or her friend Sundal Khattak was making videos of that “live Chat” with another phone which went viral on social media.

However, it is not clear up till now as how the videos of their live chat went viral on social media. The videos also have raised questions that whether Hareem Shah herself made these videos viral on social media or she sold the phone usually and then finally the under question videos were made viral.

Hareem Shah was seen roaming in the high public offices—was sitting on a bed in a room—and busy in chit-chat through live call with Sheikh Rasheed.

Another clip that went viral showed that Sheikh Rasheed was talking to Sundal Khatak in which Sheikh Rasheed was telling her that her niece had died and he had to go to attend her funeral and would be back to talk to her (Sundal) on next day.

The social media users shared the videos at different platforms witting different captions. A user wrote: “Look Sheikh Rasheed busy in chat with Sundal Khattak,”.

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