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Christmas gets Angelina Jolie excited as she ‘turns into a big kid herself’

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt after keeping aside their family drama for the sake of their children this Christmas are looking forward to spending some quality time together.

While the kids will be relishing the holiday festivities with their father Brad Pitt as well, the Maleficent actor is also over the moon and counting down hours for her favourite holiday traditions.

A grapevine spilled to HollywoodLife about what she has planned for the special family holiday this year.

“Angelina loves Christmas with her kids, it’s her favorite holiday and she turns into a big kid herself,” the source said.

“She loves all the traditions so much but her favorite is watching her kids open their stockings from Santa on Christmas morning,” it was revealed.

“She’s up at the crack of dawn with them for that. There’s always lots of chocolate and candy on Christmas morning too, she lets her kids eat whatever they want that day. When it comes to presents Angelina tries not to overdo it but she does tend to spoil them a little on Christmas, she can’t help herself,” the insider further dished the details.

On the other hand, another source close to Brad, also revealed to HollywoodLife that the actor is “busy getting ready for award season and looking forward to all of that but he is very interested in relaxing during the holiday season and see his kids.”

“He will make it personal as he, like all greats dads, cherish moments like this — and this will be no different. He just wants them to be happy this holiday season and he will be happy spending time with them. He is looking forward to a great normal holiday with no drama,” the source added.

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