Karachi woman abuses traffic police officer for stopping her over signal-jumping

KARACHI: A woman allegedly abused a traffic police officer who had stopped her over jumping a signal in the metropolis’ upscale Defence Housing Authority (DHA) neighbourhood, according to a video that went viral on social media on Tuesday.

According to the video, the woman driver was stopped by a traffic police officer on duty but, instead of admitting her mistake or even responding politely, she started verbally abusing and threatening him. When the officer told her she had “engaged in signal violation” and would “be fined for it”, she said: “I’ll break your face.”

“You’re jumping the signal and, on top of it, you’re verbally abusing me,” responded the officer, to which she said: “Get out of here, get lost!”

After threateningly telling him to “remember his worth” and calling him an old man in spite, she fled when the traffic police officer tried to issue her a traffic violation fine.

The car, according to traffic police, is registered to a certain Pir Roshan Din Shah Rashdi. The traffic police said later they have decided to pursue action against her for the violation of traffic rules and misbehaving with and abusing an officer.

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