People who robbed nation’s money should not be released; says PM Imran Khan

ISLAMABAD: On Saturday, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that people who robbed the wealth of the nation deserve not to be released.

In Islamabad, while addressing the International Rehmatul-Lil-Alameen (SAW) Conference, it was said by the Prime Minister that the corrupt people cannot be provided with the NRO and other relaxations.

He said that, “People have said that I should forgive those who have looted the country, but it is not my money that they have looted.”

Moreover, he said that people give money to charity but they do not pay their taxes. “If the tax is not paid, then how can you expect the country to grow? Those who looted the money of the nation have no right to be released.”

PM Imran Khan further added that, my compassion is not for the corrupt and powerful segments of the society but for the poor and downtrodden people.

“The state of Medina is a source of inspiration for a progressive society”, said by the Prime Minister.

PM added that, “People keep asking me that when Naya Pakistan will be made modeled on the state of Medina and I keep telling them that the state of Medina was not made in one day.”

He added that, “This is a continuing struggle, but at least we have started on the path. I will keep working to make this country on the principles on the state of Medina.”

Furthermore, PM Imran Khan said that the greatest role model is the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) in the world.

“I used to have some other role models, but now my role model is the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him)”.

“For thousand of year, yhis world was ruled by Muslims. We must educate this generation about the reality of Islam”, said by PM. “The teachings of the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) must be followed by the youth. His life is a role model for humanity.”

The premier said that, “It has decided between Pakistan, Malaysia and Turkey to make films portraying great Islamic rulers for the purpose of making the familiar with our great history.”

He continued, “I did not say anything related to the state of Medina before the elections because if I had,  people said that he is saying all this for getting more votes.”

In addition to that, “Prime Minister Imran Khan said that a mission of a person should be not be making money but rather, it should be about making people’s lives better with the money.”

Also, the premier urged the lema to guide the government in transforming the country on the basis of Islamic principles.

He added that, I have faith Pakistan will rise again by following the principles of state of Medina.

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