Selectors should be told that their chosen PM is rejected; says Bilawal

MUZAFFARGARH: On Friday, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari- the Chairman of Pakistan People’s party that the whole opposition is collaborated to send the ‘selected’ prime minister home.

While addressing a rally in Muzaffargarh, it was said by the PPP Chairman Bilawal that the country is being pushed towards the political instability by the government.

“The opinion of the selected government is putting the Constitution, democracy and centre in danger”, said by Bilawal.

He further said that, the selected Prime Minister can be sent home if the nation want to and the long march will be done as well.

Moreover, he said that the party workers will do the dharna if they want to do it.

The PPP will visit across Pakistan in order to reveal the fake mandate and selected government, said by Bilawal.

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari further said that, the last 10 years was disturbing. They have been accused us, somebody ask us what was the prices of gold and grains back then and what they are now? Come, lets calculate.”

PPP Chairman further said that, “We fight with dictators, we fight with the terrorists, the nation is the witness. We revived the government.” He further asked that, ‘What did you do? This all came to you without making any efforts.

Bilawal further asked the leaders that, What did you do for the poors in your time? Nothing, you cannot do anything, because you are selected, you oy care for the selectors, this nation will not further tolerate you.

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