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Ayodha case: SC ruling called ‘unjust’ by Muslim group

NEW DELHI: The ruling has been called ‘unjust’ by one of the respondents at Sunni Central Waqf Board while expressing disassociation over the decision of Supreme Court in the case of Ayodha.

The meeting will be held by the board in order to decide whether to challenge the judgement of the apex court.

The board said that, “We respect the top court…and we have a right to disagree.”

It was said by the Supreme Court, which ruling in the favour of Hindus, that an alternate five-acre plot will be given for a mosque.

Indian media quoted the Zafaryab Jilani- the lawyer of Muslim group as saying that, “We think it is unjust… We can’t consider this justice.”

“To give the entire land to the other side is considered as unjustified. We respect the top court, and we have a right to disagree with the decision. In many cases, the verdict of the top court has been changed. We have a right to seek review,” said by him.

Disclosing its choice to give the contested site for a sanctuary, the court had said the Archeological Survey of India has discovered proof that the sixteenth Century mosque of Mughal Emperor Babar was not based on empty land.

‘We don’t need 5 acre land as donation’

In the interim, Indian individual from parliament Asaduddin Owaisi said he was not happy with the decision.

Remarking on the judgment, he said Supreme Court is without a doubt preeminent yet not faultless. We have full confidence in the constitution, we were battling for our right, we needn’t bother with 5 section of land as donation.

“We should dismiss this 5 section of land offer, don’t belittle us,” said by him.

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