PM ordered authorities to provide relief to the protestors

ISLAMABAD: On Wednesday, the authorities were ordered to visit the place of Azadi March by the Prime Minister Imran Khan in order to assess what facilities could be provided to the people as the temperature has has dropped down after the rain on Tuesday in the federal capital.

The orders was given when the images of Azadi Marchers ready to go to sleep in the biting cold and and also rain has emerged on social media.

It was said by the Prime Minister on Twitter that the Capital Development Authority (CDA) chairman was asked by him to visit the Azadi March sit-in site and find out about the facilities which can be given to the protestors.

“I have directed the CDA Chairman to immediately visit the dharna site to assess what relief and assistance can be provided to the dharna participants.”

Furthermore, it was stated by the Prime Minister Imran Khan that the relief would be given in perspective on the beginning of downpour and changing climate conditions.

Congressperson Faisal Javed Khan, a nearby associate to PM Imran, said that the dharna members are respectable for us and the prime ministet has given orders for their alleviation.

In the photos that surfaced on the web, dissidents can be seen dozing on beddings laid on the ground, with covers and plastic covers hung over them to ward off the cold.

A huge number of protestors have merged on the government capital under the standard of the Azadi March, requesting premier abdication.

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