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Lebanon’s Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri resigned after 13 days of protest

After 13 days of protest, Saad Hariri- the Prime Minister of Lebanon has announced his resignation over the political corruption and economic turmoil.

When the protests camps and roadblocks in Beirut were attacked by the two of Shia supporters, his televised address came soon after the violence broke out on the streets.

The tents were set on fire and anti-government demontraters were beaten by them. Some people chanted in the support of Nasrallah- the leader of Hezbollah- a powerful force in the coalition government – and the Shia political party Amal.

Uproar police and troops reacted with nerve gas, and before the day’s over, hostile to government dissenters were back on the boulevards observing Mr Hariri’s declaration.

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