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US troops leaving Syria are supposed to go to Western Iraq; Pentagon

ABOARD A US MILITARY AIRCRAFT: On Saturday, it has been said by the US Defence Secretary Mark Esper that in order to continue the campaign against Daesh and to help in defending Iraq, all of the troops that are nearly 1,000 troops leaving northern Syria are supposed to move western Iraq.

It was agreed by the Turkey on Thursday in a dialogue with the US Vice President Mike Pence to a five-day break in an offensive into northern Syria and given time to Kurdish fighters to leave from a “safe zone”.

Earlier this month,  the abrupt decision of President Donald Trump to withdraw all 1,000 US troops from northern Syria triggered the crisis. The truce wanted to ease the critical situation, as the decision was criticized in Washington and elsewhere as a betrayal of loyal Kurdish allies who had fought for years alongside US troops against Daesh.

Reporters are told by Esper that, “The US withdrawal continues apace from northeastern Syria… we’re talking weeks not days,” adding that it was being carried out via ground convoys and aircraft.

Moreover, he said that, “The present game is for those forces to re-position into western Iraq. They would be around one thousand.”

A senior US barrier authority explained that the circumstance was as yet liquid and plans could change.

Any choice to send additional US troops to Iraq is probably going to be intensely examined in a nation where Iran has been relentlessly storing up impact.

“That is the present course of action, things can change among now and at whatever point we complete the withdrawal however that is the strategy at the present time,” the senior authority added.

It is misty whether the US troops will utilize Iraq as a base to dispatch ground attacks into Syria and complete airstrikes against Daesh.

The extra US troops would add to the in excess of 5,000 American soldiers previously situated in the nation, preparing Iraqi powers and guaranteeing that Daesh doesn’t resurge.

While Esper said he had spoken with his Iraqi partner and will keep on having discussions later on, the move will probably be seen with suspicion by some in Iraq.

Iraq is amidst a political emergency, as mass fights have prompted in excess of 100 passings and 6,000 wounds during the week beginning October 1.

Iran’s job in reacting to the shows has been another token of Tehran’s scope in Iraq, where a sizable number of previous civilian army administrators are currently individuals from parliament and bolster the Iranian motivation.

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