Meeting with Rouhani was encouraging: PM Imran

TEHRAN, Iran: The Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan reiterated on Sunday that Pakistan was ready to act as facilitator between the brotherly Muslim countries, Saudi Arabia and Iran to sort out their differences through dialogue.

The Prime Minister Imran Khan addressed a joint press stakeout along with President of Iran Hassan Rouhani and said that Pakistan had hosted Saudi Arabia and Iran in the past and again is willing to facilitate the brotherly countries to sort out their differences.

He emphasised, “The issue is complex one but it is possible to sort out differences through dialogue”.

The prime minister Imran Khan further explained that his trip to Iran would be followed with a visit to Saudi Arabia on Tuesday which was complrletely ‘Pakistan’s initiative’ as they were not asked by anyone to undergo such trip.

PM Imran also made it clear that the role of Pakistan would be a facilitator and not a mediator.

He stressed that it was imperative for everyone not to allow any conflict as he termed certain vested interests which wanted to flare up the tensions in the region.

The prime minister Imran Khan termed his consultations with the president of Iran as very encouraging, said that he would go to Saudi Arabia with a positive mind.

He added that Pakistan had deep rooted bilateral brotherly ties with Saudi Arabia and Iran and was the closest friend of Pakistan as it had always helped them when they were in need.

So for these reasons, he added thay no one wanted a conflict between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

The issue was recognized as a complex one, but he felt that it could be solved through dialogue, he expressed his optimism.

The prime minister Imran Khan added that a conflict between the two countries would not just affect the whole region but also affect the developing countries as it would increase poverty in the world as the cost of oil would shoot up and purchase of expensive oil could lead to further spending.

He added that all the developing countries had the same opinions, only the vested interests wanted this conflict to take place.

The prime minister further continued that during his visit to New York, President of US, Donald Trump spoke to him and asked him to facilitate dialogue with Iran.

The Prime Minister Imran Khan expressed his resolve and assured the Iranian leadership that they would do whatever they could to facilitate the dialogue between US and Iran, so that the sanctions could be lifted and agreement over the nuclear deal be signed.

Earlier, Imran Khan held ‘wide-ranging consultations’ with the President if Iran, Hassan Rouhani, their second meeting in a month.

The PM arrived in Tehran on a day-long official visit to discuss Gulf security issues with the Iranian leadership.

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