Shehyar Afridi’s fake claims about UNODC report

It has been continuously claimed by Shehryar Afridi- the minister of state for narcotics control in his press talk also in his speeches in the parliament that, a prosecution rate of 97-98 per cent on drug-related crimes has been achieved by the Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF), which is the state-run drug control agency in Pakistan. That is why, a massive majority of the people have arrested for keeping, manufacturing and giving out drugs are guilty.

It was said by him that, this is the highest conviction rate in the world. Then the minister ascribed the stats of the report done by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).

On October 6, he told the media that, “The ANF has a conviction rate of 97 per cent. This is at the top of the list in the world. And this is said by the UNODC not by the Shehryar Afridi or Prime Minister Imran Khan.

However, any such data has not released by the UNODC.

In the last report, which was published in 2008, the ANF’s conviction rate was mentioned there. It was titled as ‘The Illicit Drug Trade in Pakistan’, and the reports states that the annual stats on drug-related crimes is collected and published by the force itself.’

Furthermore, it admired the country for bringing a positive change to the Pakistan penal code for the prosecution of drug-related cases.

The report further states, as for the conviction rate, that, “this has been improving over the last several years and in 2006 it stood at 8 per cent.

UN body released the recent report, likewise its annual reports and Pakistan-specific reviews and reports do not provide an updated figure. It was said by an officer, whose name cannot be disclose, that The UNODC does not collect such information.

The UN organisation works jointly with the government of Pakistan in the areas of illicit trafficking, legal reforms and drugs demand, reduction, the criminal justice system, treatment and prevention.

However, the internal data of ANF’s which is available on the website, does not exaggerate of a 96 per cent criminal conviction rate in the country.

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