Federal govt has pulled Rs:40 and Rs:38 on petrol amd diesel respectively

ISLAMABAD: In the midst of yawning duty shortage and for accomplishing visualized essential deficiency focus under the IMF condition, the government is stashing Rs40 and Rs38 per liter on diesel and petrol respectively as oil toll and GST.

So as to keep costs of petroleum based commodities unaltered with impact from October 1, 2019, the goverent lifted oil demand (PL) on both High Speed Diesel (HSD) and MS (petroleum).

The Petroleum Levy on Light Diesel Oil additionally expanded with impact from October 1, 2019. On the other hand, the PL on kerosene oil has been diminished marginally for the present month.

As per official information accessible with The News, the Petroleum Levy on HSD expanded from Rs18 per liter to Rs20.76 per liter. At that point 17 percent GST is likewise charged. Along these lines, in totality, the PL and GST charged from customers remains in the scope of Rs40 per liter. The cost of HSD remains at Rs127.14 per liter in the local market.

On MS (oil), the PL was expanded by Rs2.17 per liter as it expanded from Rs15 to Rs17.18 per liter with impact from October 1, 2019. The FBR likewise charged 17 percent GST from buyers. The cost of petroleum remains at Rs113.24 per liter in the household advertise for the current month.

When the FBR has been confronting income deficiency in the scope of Rs100 to 104 billion in initial three months (July-Sept) time of the current financial year, the government took the choice not to pass on help to buyers as suggested by the controller Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (Ogra) with impact from October 1, 2019 so the costs of POL items kept unaltered for the continuous month.

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