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Farhan Saeed alleges Bollywood composer Salim Merchant of stealing his song

Pakistan’s acclaimed singer Farhan Saeed came forth on Saturday alleging Bollywood composer Salim Merchant of stealing his song.

Turning to Twitter, the ‘Suno Chanda’ actor revealed that after hearing the song by Merchant, he observed an unmissable resemblance to his own track ‘Roiyaan’.

“Someone just sent me @salim_merchant song HAREYA, which is a total copy of my song ROIYAAN,” he alleged.

He went on to condemn asserting that act of plagiarism that is rampant across the border: “I wonder they have the audacity to call themselves artists when they steal someone’s work. Karna hi hai to pooch ke kuro aur ager poochna nahin hai to at least acha to kuro! [If you want to take something, seek permission and if not at least do it right].”

Responding to the allegations. Merchant replied to Saeed’s tweet saying: “Farhan I just heard your song. It’s a mere coincidence that the chorus of Haareya is like your song. To be honest I’ve never heard it before. It happens many a times when notes have a natural progression from each other. @Sulaiman & I have a track record of never plagiarising.”

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