The story of a historic day in Pakistan Air Force, 27 February

ISLAMABAD: Squadron leader Hassan Siddiqui and the wing commander Noman Ali Khan, the two fighter pilots of Pakistan Air Force PAF, who shot down an Indian warplane violating airspace along Line of Control LoC in February, in a message on Saturday asked the nation not to worry about country’s security as Pakistan Air Force is fully awake to defend its air frontiers.

The wing commander, a person who crashed the air plane of Abhinandan and achieved “Sitara-e-Jurrat”, Noman Ali Khan and Squadron leader Hassan Siddiqui who was awarded Tamgha-i-jurat were invited to an Air Force Event

The wing commander Noman Ali Khan was asked about his thoughts regarding the events that took place on February 27. Noman Ali said that “At the night of February 26, the enemy attacked but missed the target and tried to ran away disrupting its formation. The very next day on February 27, the enemy failed to defend his country. This performance of Air Force would always be a question.”

He added that “There is a clear distinction between what our enemy planned for February 26 and what we did on February 27. Our enemy came in the darkness of the night, missed their targets and ran away. In retaliation, what we did was that we destructed our intended targets and we stood there to show the strength of Pakistan Air Force.”

The wing commander Noman Ali Khan further said that “Alhamdulillah, we showed our enemy What Pakistani Air Force is.” He added that “When I was with my pilots in the air, I had one stanza of Allama Iqbal in my mind.” He then read it “jhapatna palatna, palat kar jhapatna; lahu garam rakhny ka hai aik bahana”.

He added that “we all were ready to attach but were just waiting. As soon as our enemy crossed LOC, my missile was fired.”

Responding to Indian aggression, PAF had shot down fighter jet of its enemy in the broad daylight on Feb 27 and captured Indian Air Force (IAF) pilot Abhinandan Varthanam who was later returned to India as a goodwill gesture.

Squadron leader Hassan Siddiqui was the part of the formation whereas, Noman Ali was leading it. He was asked as what were his feelings during these events?

Squadron leader Hassan Siddiqui said that “while answering this question of yours, I can recall one of the legendary MM Alam interviews, where he said that all these feelings of a pilot are left far behind. My answer would be same that the moment I entered the fight, the excitement, sentiments, feelings were left way back.”

Squadron leader Hassan Siddiqui added that “The only thing that was on my mind was my enemy and my Country’s Pride. He said that if anyone tries to target the Pride of my country, he would be facing the same consequences as the two planes faced on February 27.”

Squadron leader Hassan Siddiqui added that ““I want to tell them [the country’s enemies] that I will teach [them] a lesson if they cast an evil eye on my country.”

Those enemies, who are casting an evil eye on Pakistan will be having the same fate as the Feb 27 shooting down of the Indian warplane, said Squadron leader Hassan Siddiqui, who was awarded Tamgha-i-jurat on Aug 14 in recognition of his valor and bravery.

“We went, destroyed their targets and stayed there,” Noman Ali Khan, who was awarded Tamgha-i-jurat said, adding they told the foe what the Pakistani nation and Pakistan Air Force PAF was.

Wing Commander Noman Ali Khan said the enemy force had failed to evaluate their weakness and strength of Pakistan Air Force (PAF).

Recalling the Feb 27 encounter, he said no sooner did one of their formations cross LoC, it was hit and brought down by a missile.

The wing commander Noman Ali Khan “They didn’t know our strength which is why they made a mistake.” The wing commander Noman Ali Khan added that “Pakistan Air Force was the pride of nation and will always be the pride of the Nation.”

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