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Phone number linked to Facebook accounts exposed in privacy lapse

WASHINGTON: On Wednesday, according to the US media report there were more than 400 million phone numbers that are connected to Facebook accounts are were listed in the latest privacy lapse for the social media giant.

An uncovered server put away 419 million records on users over a few databases — including 133 million US accounts, in excess of 50 million in Vietnam and 18 million in Britain, as per innovation news site TechCruch.

The databases recorded Facebook user’s IDs — one of a kind digits joined to each record — the profiles’ telephone numbers, just as the sexual orientation recorded by certain records and their topographical areas, innovation site TechCrunch revealed.

The server was not secret key secured, which means anybody could get to the databases and stayed online until late Wednesday when TechCrunch reached the website’s host.

Facebook affirmed portions of the report yet made light of the degree of the presentation, saying that the quantity of records so far affirmed was around half of the detailed 419 million.

It included that many of the entries were duplicates and that the information was old.

“The dataset has been brought down and we have seen no proof that Facebook records were undermined,” a Facebook representative told AFP.

After that Cambridge Analytica scandal that happened in 2018, when Facebook’s heedless privacy settings were used by a firm to retrieve personal details of millions of users, the feature that was permitting users to search any platform by phone numbers was hid by the company.

The disclosure of users’ phone numbers gives them an open invitation to spam calls and other stuff just like that one that has recently been happened to Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, where the passwords of the compromised accounts were forced reset by the hackers.

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