Salahuddin was allegedly tortured to death: Pictures exposed

Salahuddin Ayubi, a robbery suspect was arrested and allegedly torturing to death by the police for breaking. The Evidence of police torturing Salahuddin Ayubi to death has been exposed.

Salahuddin Ayubi was tortured to the extent by police that there is not a single body part of Ayubi that has not been tortured. He had worst bruises all over his body due to alleged torturing which can be shown in pictures.

The sources informed that Salahuddin Ayubi was arrested and allegedly tortured by the police due to which he died. The bruises of torture can be seen in the pictures on his legs, arms and various other parts too.

The sources further informed that it might be possible that Ayubi was burnt at some places for investigation or for getting some information. Due to this extreme torture, he died. The sources also informed that the postmortem report has not been received by the police yet but the bruises can be seen at Ayubi’s body which clearly shows that he was allegedly tortured.

It was further informed that the higher police authorities are all in action. The body of Ayubi was investigated by the higher authorities before handing it to his family. However, they are waiting for the postmortem report.

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