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Protestors marched to Indian High Commission in London, demanded freedom for Kashmir

LONDON: In the capital of Britain, there were thousands of people, mostly Kashmiris, marched in order to show solidarity with the oppressed people in Indian Occupied Kashmir as the curfew has been enforced there and there is media and communication blackout in the valley entered the 30th consecutive day.

In order to express solidarity with the Muslims in Occupied Kashmir, the #KashmirFreedomMarch rally began from London’s Parliament Square, proceeded to the Indian High Commission. They also demanded India to break the curfew and finish the human rights violations.

There were chants “Kashmiris need justice” and “We want freedom” rang out in the crowd, having protesters who called out International organisations to stay silent and not yaking any actions to free Kashmir form the violations of India.

Protesters in the #KashmirFreedomMarch walk gather in Parliament Square, with hundreds of people coming from all over the United Kingdom. Kashmiri support and rights groups in the UK supported the march.

A day earlier, after the UK’s shadow culture secretary and Tom Watson- the deputy leader of the Labour Party pointed out the “humanitarian crisis” in the Indian occupied Kashmir and expressed solidarity with the Kashmiris, the Indian High Commission in London was enraged.

Strong words had been used by Tom Watson when he called out India over its violence, aggression and human rights abuses in the Indian Occupied Kashmir amid the Kashmir Solidarity Day rally outside Birmingham City Council.

He had said: “I’ve never seen more worry on your faces than I’ve seen in the last 25 days. You’re worried about your loved ones that you can’t communicate with.”

The Labour Party leader noted that people in occupied Kashmir “do not get medical supplies” and how “there’s no food or water or basic provisions”, terming the blackout “a humanitarian crisis”. He emphasized, “That is a responsibility for all of us in the international community.”

The response given by the Indian High Commission in London on the enraged by Watson’s words, that they denied the “facts on the ground” and said that, “Most of the phones working, no shortage of essential supplies and medicines, shops open, transport plying normally, most schools open, restrictions on movement substantially relaxed”. It had said in a tweet that, “Life is returning to normal”.

That day, the European Parliament’s Committee on Foreign Affairs (AFET) had requested that India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi promptly lift the New Delhi-endorsed time limitation in involved Kashmir.

Communicating genuine worry over the total correspondence and media power outage in the Muslim-majority Himalayan region, the European Parliament had unequivocally censured India and its individuals denounced the conduct of Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) organization.

Individuals from the European Parliament had additionally said the European Union (EU) and the European Parliament should issue a reactionary statement on the circumstance in involved Kashmir at the earliest opportunity.

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