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Hamza Ali Abbasi confirms he’s marrying Naimal Khawar

Karachi: Pakistani actor turned activist Hamza Ali Abbasi has confirmed that he is tying the knot with Anaa star Naimal Khawar.

A wedding card circulating on social media earlier claimed that the two are tying the knot on Sunday, August 25. Their valima reception will be held the next day, it said.

Abbasi took to Twitter on Wednesday, saying: “Yup, it’s true.”

The actor turned activist, who recently returned from Hajj, expressed “massive respect” for her wife-to-be for being okay with a bald husband-to-be.

Abbasi also shared a long, emotional note on his Twitter handle, describing the circumstances leading him to proposing Naimal and so forth.

“Now we can’t even breathe without each other,” he wrote.

“So yes, me and Naimal are having our small nikkah on 25th and a small walima on 26th… Pray for us…”

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