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Ayesha Omar decides to make her Instagram private ‘thanks’ to the hateful comments

Pakistani actor Ayesha Omar much like her fellow industry insiders is no stranger to the hateful negative comments that pour in on her social media.

Exhausted of the continuous bashing and backlash from trolls on social media on nearly anything she does, the 37-year-old actor announced her decision to turn her Instagram account private to keep herself away from internet bullies.

“So I’ve deleted all my stories, the ones with all the DJ’s and music. Thanks to all your hate, I’ll be making a private Instagram account very soon and that’s where I’ll share those with my friends and family. Should’ve done it sooner actually. Don’t need none of them negative vibes in my life. Light and love,” she posted on her Instagram story.

However, soon after that, many fans and friends stepped forward sending love to the star asking her to not keep them away from being an active part of her life.

After that, another story by the ‘Yalghar’ actor came forth where she stated: “Friends have been replying all day to my story post about not posting vacation stories. My DM is full of loving supportive messages. But I Just went through a few messages from fans in my other dm folder. There are thousands and thousands of messages sending so much love and support and asking me to not stop posting my travel videos, (especially the ones with music).”

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