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Photo of drowned father and daughter shook the world

Four years ago, in September 2015, the picture of dead body of a child was found in bank of the sea, who belonged to Spain, was hysterical to the people and the emigrants of Spain had been widely discussed.

By seeing an innocent child who had been striving for life and found dead in the bank of the sea, people demanded security for the people of Spain in future.

And once again, another picture has brought terror to the people.

This time, the picture that makes people terrified is not some emigrant of Spain, Yemen and Afghanistan but rather the emigrant father and daughter of El Salvador.

A helpless 25 year old father, who belonged to El Salvador, with his 2 year old daughter tried to save his life by entering America through Mexico, and while doing this he slipped in the waves.

According to the news agency AFP, as per the investigation, the father and daughter, who tried to enter in America and got slipped away in the water and lost their life was the civilians of El Salvador.

They lost their life in the Mexico sea which flow in the Texas, America.

This incident occured when the 25 year old man crossing Mexico and reached the bank of the sea near the the borders of America. He made his daughter stand there and was going back to bring his wife then suddenly the little girl jumped into the water.

When she jumped, the man jumped into the water to safe his daughter, and both of them lost their lives.

The waves brought them both on the sea shore where a Mexican photographer Julia lee Dose captured them in her camera.

The little girl could be seen holding his father’s shirt in the picture. Through this news, people started discussing about providing security to Spain. Moreover, the demand was made to secure thousands of emigrants who were stuck at the border of  America-Mexico.

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