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Iran shoots down US drone

Tehran: Iran´s Revolutionary Guard said Thursday it had shot down a US “spy drone” which violated Iranian airspace near the Strait of Hormuz, in the latest incident to stoke tension in the strategic sea lane.

There was no immediate reaction from the United States.

The US-made Global Hawk surveillance drone was hit with a missile “after violating Iranian air space” over the waters of Hormozgan province, the Guard said in a statement.

The Iranian military did not immediately publish images of the drone.

The incident comes at a time of growing antagonism between Iran and the United States following two waves of still unexplained attacks on Gulf shipping.

The United States has accused Iran of being behind the attacks.

Tehran has denied any involvement and hinted that Washington might have orchestrated them itself to provide a pretext for the use of force against Iran.

Tensions have been running high between Iran and the United States ever since President Donald Trump abandoned a landmark 2015 nuclear agreement in May last year.

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