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Mahira Khan hit on a tweet that says rapes on rise due to showbiz vulgarity

KARACHI: Pakistani actor and star Mahira Khan hit a Twitter troll in which it was claimed that the rise in the rape attempts are due to the actors because they promote vulgarity, especially in the light of Farishta rape and murder case, and she a had tweeted about it earlier as well.

Mahira said in a tweet on Thursday that, “It’s the mindset! It’s the shame associated with it.” She further added that, “And no I will not back off. My voice. My life. I will do whatever I want with it.”

The person who tweeting to Mahira named Zarwan Ali had said that,”people of showbiz need to stop using rape cases to promote their agenda,” and tagged Zeba Bakhtiyar and Shehzad Royand. He also used the hashtag #JusticeForFarishta, and told actors to “back off” from such cases.

Before this, on Thrlursday, it had been tweeted by Mahira on her account about Farishta that, “the 10-year-old girl whose body was discovered from a forest in Islamabad three days ago and later shifted to the Poly Clinic for post-mortem. Sick to my stomach. Stop sharing graphic images of the poor child. For Gods sake!,” she wrote and asked if there was a way to stop people from uploading and sharing these types of pictures.

It was said by the family of late Farishta, which belongs to Mohmand Agency, said that, on May 15 they had been trying to file the report of a missing person but the police did not register it until May 19 and then they register the first information report (FIR) but still there was no investigation started.

The statement of FIR was registered finally by the police by the father of Farishta named Ghulam Nabi that, the family visited the police station for the purpose to file the report of a missing person. On the other hand, the SHO alleged that she had run away with someone rather looking for a girl.

The police officials gad the police station cleaned instead of registering the FIR, stated by FIR.

The police was informed later by the locals when they found the body of that little girl.

For not taking the case seriously, an FIR was lodged against the station house officer (SHO) for Shahzad Town and other police officers and calls for action against officials involved for criminal negligence.

In the mean time, the close relative of Farishta have been arrested by the police but further details were not provided. According to them, the scope of the investigation has been widened.

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