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Seven witnesses of Ali Zafar submit affidavits against Meesha Shafi

LAHORE: Affidavits of seven witnesses of Singer Ali Zafar were presented by them in front of the court on Tuesday refuting the allegations placed against him by Meesha Shafi.

Affidavits were submitted by the seven witnesses which were brought by the legal team of Zafar during the latest hearing of the defamation case, stating the allegations placed by Meesha Shafi as entirely ‘baseless.’

It has been claimed in the affidavits by the witnesses that no sexual harassment had taken place at the jamming session where Ali Zafar was alleged harrasing Meesha Shafi.

The lawyers of Meesha Shafi were summoned by the sessions and district court after adjourning the hearing till May 29, for cross-questioning of the witnesses at the next hearing.

Ali Zafar has been accused by Meesha Shafi of sexually harassing her on ‘multiple occasions’ last year in a Twitter post after which a Rs1 billion defamation suit was filed by Ali Zafar against her, while refuting the accusations.

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