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Momina jumped the traffic signal, are celebraties allowed to do that?

Momina Mustehsan added her instagram story in which it was seen that she jumped the traffic signal and kept on driving.

The famous coke studio singer was seen as neglecting the red signal in her recent Instagram story despite the fact that jumping the signal is considered as a crime in Pakistan. The public has been asking since then if she is not aware that it is illegal.

Furthermore, it has also been said by the public that had it not been termed illegal or she can break the law in the country where she was born.

Celebrities as a public figure are greatly followed by large number of people and as a celebrity she is promoting something which is not right.

Moreover,  she is portraying that jumping off the traffic signal is ok in Pakistan. Questions have been raised by the general public that is it allowed to celebraties to jump off the traffic signal and these restrictions only imposed on us?

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