After LUMHS, Sindh University also cancel admission of Noreen Leghari

Hyderabad: The admission of Noreen Leghari has been cancelled by the University of Sindh, a girl who went missing in February 2017 and was also considered to have joined Isis or Daesh, the global terrorist outfit.

Noreen Leghari is a suburb of Hyderabad and a resident of Hussainabad. She was student of second year of medical at Liaquat University of Medical and Health Science (LUMHS). She went missing from her native town on February 10, 2017 and was found after two months on April 17, 2017 from Lahore in an operation of law enforcing agencies during which her associate Ali was killed.

After she was found, her admission was cancelled by LUMS. She then got enrolled in English Department University of Sindh in November 2018 but when the University got to know about her history, it cancelled her admission.

Dr Abdul Jabbar Leghari, her father is professor at the University in Dr MA Kazi Institute of Chemistry.

Noreen Leghari along with her father have approached Sindh High Court where they have filed a joint constitutional petition against the University of Sindh, praying that the management of University would not deny her right of education, according to article K-25 of Constitution.

It has been confessed by Noreen Leghari at the time of her recovery that she was involved in terrorist activities. DG ISPR Major Gen Asif Ghafoor played her confession statement during a briefing in which she had said that no one had kidnapped her and she went to Lahore on her own and joined the terrorist organisation.

The Vice Chancellor of the University of Sindh, Fateh Burfat told media that the management of University is verifying the facts and reasons as to why admission of Noreen was rejected from LUMHS and after getting verification from law enforcement agencies, it will decide about her.

The Spokesman of University Nadir Ali Mugheri added that she hid the facts about cancellation of her previous admission while applying at Sindh University.

He said “When the administration of the University came to know about the facts regarding annulment of her admission at LUMHS, it cancelled her admission.”

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