Nine terrorists killed, four security personnel wounded during CTD operation

QUETTA: In Balochistan’s Mastung, during the Counter-terrorism Department operation tgere were nine terrorists killed whereas four security forces personnel wounded.

In the area, the search operation has been completed, as per the CTD. For the purpose of identification, the bodies of terrorists have been shifted to Civil Hospital Quetta.

It was said by CTD that there was a huge amount of arms and ammunition discovered from the possession of terrorists.

Pakistan’s biggest region as far as land region —Balochistan, has for some time been tormented by an uprising and targetted killings. Though, effective operations have been conducted by the security forces across the province getting serious about activists in recent years.

Following the start of Operation Raddul Fasaad, security powers increased intelligence-based and brushing activities with an end goal to build up harmony in the region.

This has prompted an impressive drop in militancy in the territory yet dissipated assaults do happen there on occasion, with security staff frequently catching arms and ammo dumped in remote.

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