US imposed no visa restrictions on Pakistan: FM Qureshi

The Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that no visa restriction has been imposed by the United States against Pakistan, sources reported.

A session of the National Assembly Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs was briefed by the Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi in Islamabad on Tuesday. Ehsanullah Tiwana chaired the session.

It was further mentioned by the foreign minister that the United States is going to deport over seventy illegal Pakistanis.

He added “Pakistan has asked the United States to fulfill legal requirements for the Pakistanis being deported.”

He also expressed his concern over the tension between the United States and Iran, and continued that the region was impacted by the crisis.

The situation has been closely observed by Pakistan and it will formulate strategy keeping the national interest in view, the foreign minister said.

“Pakistan wants to make progress on a multi-billion dollar Iran-Pakistan Gas Pipeline project, however there are third party hurdles in the form of sanctions against Iran.”

FM Qureshi said “Pakistan is currently discussing this issue with Iran.”

He added that the matter of human smuggling has been reviewed by China and Pakistan and added that an effective policy will be framed in this matter. He added that some forces want to affect the relationship between China and Pakistan.

The Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi stated the intra-Afghan dialogue has been facilitated by Pakistan.

The committee was also informed by him that a two-day visit to Kuwait would be paid by him on Saturday and will hold meetings with the Kuwaiti leadership. He said he will also take a letter to the Emir of Kuwait from Prime Minister Imran Khan related to the visa issue.

FM Qureshi continued that, “enhancement of bilateral trade will be discussed in the meetings,” adding that the Emir of Qatar is also expected to visit Pakistan in the near future.

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