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Ali Zafar’s second witness claims Meesha Shafi is a ‘liar’ in court

Ali Zafar’s second witness recorded her statement against Meesha Shafi on Saturday, saying the singer had ‘lied’ of any harassment taking place at the jamming session.

After the transfer of the defamation suit by Ali Zafar, upon Meesha Shafi’s request, Additional Sessions Judge Amjad Ali Shah presided over the case where, the second witness from Zafar’s side, Munir testified that the allegations against the Teefa in Trouble actor were ‘false’.

Giving her statement under oath, Munir stated that there were around 10 to 11 people present at the jamming session where Shafi alleged Zafar had harassed her, further denying that no such events had unfolded as stated by the Coke Studio singer who said had also cordially hugged Zafar at the beginning and end of the session.

Another witness presented by Zafar’s legal team, Baqir Abbas recorded the statement last week, claiming Shafi’s accusations against Zafar are ‘false.’

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