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Youtuber Sham Idrees, wife Froggy beaten up by mob in Karachi

KARACHI: Canadian-based Pakistani YouTuber Sham Idrees got beaten up in Karachi on his meet and greet session at a mall on Sunday.

The notorious YouTuber had gone to meet his fans when  a large incited crowd gathered around him and his wife Queen Froggy. the people gathered there.

The video later was uploaded on YouTube after the incident occurred in Karachi.

As per rumours, the mob consisted of Ducky Bhai’s fans with whom Sham has developed an aggressive feud.

Although netizens have mixed responses over the incident, some of them are criticizing the people who has beat the couple, saying it is unacceptable and that public should not take the fight among YouTubers so personally.

The clash between Pakistani YouTubers Sham and Ducky Bhai started in 2018 when the latter claimed  Sham and his wife Froggy create fake and copied content.

Shortly after Ducky Bhai announced in his video that he and his family have been threatened by Sham Idrees for denying to collaborate with him.

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